iOud Kuwait

Our concerted efforts have been focused on:

Social Media Prowers

Our social media campaigns have been tailored to showcase the unique story of each perfume, engaging customers with immersive content that resonates with their aspirations and desires.

Google Ads Excellence

By meticulously crafting and refining Google Ads, we’ve ensured Ioud’s offerings are prominently displayed to those with a penchant for luxury scents.

iOud, a purveyor of luxury scents, has captured the essence of elegance and translated it into remarkable online success. Through the strategic deployment of Google ads and Social Media campaigns, Ioud has cultivated an exquisite online presence that speaks directly to the olfactory senses of a discerning global clientele.

Total Revenue

In the month of November, the harmonious blend of marketing initiatives resulted in a revenue of din1,821.526, showcasing the rich appeal of Ioud’s fragrance collections.

Event Count

The website witnessed 54 purchase events by 51 unique users, reflecting a precise targeting strategy that brought in a high-value audience.

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

With a ROAS of 7, Ioud’s advertising expenditure has been converted into profitable sales, demonstrating the potency of their advertising formula.

User Engagement

Engagement indicators such as page views, scrolls, and session starts, evidenced robust interaction with the content, underlining the captivating allure of their products.

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